DIY Hand lettering – Create your own Christmas cards

DIY Hand lettering – Create your own Christmas cards

Christmas Season is around the corner and with it starts the time of crafting, baking and writing your loved ones nice Christmas cards.

This is why this year we have come up with a very special Hand lettering DIY Guide for you to download. So you can create your very personal Christmas cards.

Download the StickerKid DIY Handletting Guide

We show you a great idea for a very personal Christmas greeting. It's easy to create your own Christmas cards; you just need a little practice.

You need:

- Pencil

- Black cardboard

- Ruler

- Glitter pens. We recommend you theSTABILO Pen68 metallic

- Eraser

- Our StickerKid gift labels

Let’s start the fun:

Start with drawing lines. You will need them for the hand lettering. Draw lines at 1cm intervals from bottom to top for as long as you want your text to be.

Now start sketching with the pencil. Draw out ornaments and also your desired text with a pencil. You are not so artistically gifted? No problem! Download our Handlettering Guide, choose your favourite ornaments or lettering, lay them over your card and draw them with the pencil. Then you can draw them with the STABILO Pen68 mettalic.

As soon as you are satisfied with the result, start drawing and colouring. Add little sleeps or glitter ornaments to add a little more Christmas feeling to the card. Try filling the individual ornaments with different colors and shapes.

And at the end, trace your lines. Carefully redraw the sketch to stay as close as possible to your preliminary drawing. Choose different colors to emphasize the contrast of your hand letterings even more.

When you are satisfied with the result, let it dry for a few minutes. Then erase all pencil lines and preliminary drawings. Your DIY Hand lettering Christmas card is ready!

To make it even more personal, use our gift stickers to send your Christmas greetings.

We wish you in collaboration with STABILO and Myriam Frisano a great and creative Advent season!

Happy Handlettering ! :)

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