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General information

Stickerkid is produced by B&B Labels Sàrl - Chemin Grély 17A
1950 Sion – Switzerland

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The website is published by B&B Labels Sàrl 

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The website is hosted by Procab Studio 5 rue du Clos CH-1207 Geneve Tel: +4122 737 0937 Fax: +4122 737 0938 E-mail: [email protected]

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Stickerkid was developed by Procab Studio CH-1207 Geneve Tel: +4122 737 0937 Fax: +4122 737 0938 E-mail: [email protected]


B&B Labels Sàrl and all other parties involved in the creation, production or publishing of the website decline all liability in case of loss, damages or costs, or of direct, incidental, consecutive, special or exemplary damages resulting from your use of the website or its services (including liability in the event of delay or inaccuracy in data transmission, or in case of interruptions, suspension or termination of the website) unless said damages are the result of willful misconduct on the part of B&B Labels Sàrl. B&B Labels Sàrl shall not be held liable for any damages or virus that may affect your hardware following the viewing, browsing on, or use of the website or use of its content. The present user conditions shall on no account limit or exclude the liability of B&B Labels Sàrl, which may be limited or excluded only in accordance with the legislation in force.


Use and browsing of the website is entirely under your own responsibility unless specified expressly. The website is provided ‘’as is’’ and according to availability. B&B Labels Sàrl explicitly rejects all guarantees, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied guarantees pertaining to quality, suitability for a specific use or non-counterfeit as far as allowed by law. Particular care was taken with the content and accuracy of the data displayed on the website. However, B&B Labels Sàrl does not guarantee that the website or its contents satisfy all the demands of users, that the website will be free of interruptions, delays and errors, or will be unusable in the event of force majeure. Downloading or any other procedure allowing you to obtain material and/or data through the use of or from the website is at your own risk. Indemnity You have sole responsibility for the images uploaded on the B&B Labels Sàrl server through the ‘’fotoshare’’ option, or any other data distributed through the website and its services. You have sole responsibility for obligations resulting from the use of the website and its services. B&B Labels Sàrl and its affiliates reserve the right to take legal action against any party whose liability has been established.

Intellectual property rights

The website contains several elements protected by international and European copyright laws and other intellectual property rights such as (including but not limited to) trademarks, trade names, logos, photographic and video images, music, the textual and graphic design of the website of B&B Labels Sàrl (herein after ‘’the content’’). Without prejudice to other restrictions resulting from the current legislation, restrictions on the use of the website are applied to the following rights: No part of the website may be electronically or otherwise copied, other than to the extent necessary to optimize the use of the website and its services via internet. Reproducing any part of the website on any other webpage is expressly prohibited. The trademarks, trade names, service names and logos of B&B Labels Sàrl as used on the website may on no account be used or displayed without prior written consent from B&B Labels Sàrl. B&B Labels Sàrl authorizes you to use the website and its content for personal use only, provided that you observe the copyright and property rules in full. Use of the website and its content for commercial gain is prohibited. In essence, as long they direct you to the homepage of, hypertext links may be created pointing to the website. Establishing deep hypertext links as well as other links (such as ‘’in-line links’’, images or object links) to other parts of the website is prohibited, B&B Labels Sàrl gives its consent. Automated browsing on the website (for example using ‘’robots’’) in order to systematically retrieve data or information or create functional links between the content of our website and another website is not authorized.


Cookies B&B Labels Sàrl may collect data from previous visits. ‘’Cookies’’ are used to that end. Cookies are small amounts of data stored by your web browser on the hard disc of your computer. The next time you visit the website, our server automatically recognizes the cookie, which tells about your previous visits. Most web browsers accept cookies automatically, however it is possible to configure you computer not to. Even when you have blocked the cookies, most content and functionality of the website is available to you. B&B Labels Sàrl may monitor the number of you visits to different parts of the website to improve you browsing experience. However, that information does not relate to your personal data. In the section dedicated to the members of the club, B&B Labels Sàrl cookies allow the website to recognize you during the visit of the section through your browser by keeping your personal id and code in a cookie. When you leave the website, the cookie is deleted. Activating the cookie allows you to browse quicker from page to page and lets you use the website to the full extent possible. Data transfer and security Security measures to guarantee the protection of your personal details have been implemented by B&B Labels Sàrl. Those measures consist of encrypting sensitive information and a firewall to block access from a third party. In order to conform to government orders and the legislation in force, B&B Labels Sàrl reserves the right to access personal information in order to identify you and, to pass on that information in the interests of efficient system operation and the protection of its customers and itself. B&B Labels Sàrl also reserves the right to pass on personal information whereby you may be identified to a third party in case of a complaint relating to your use of the website and its services.

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