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7 pairs of shoe labels


Finally shoes are not getting lost anymore or mixed up on the playground or in daycare. Thanks to the large logo, even small kids can recognise their shoes easily.

Design unique shoe name labels based on your child’s favourites. Chose from a large selection of modern colours, fun fonts and cool logos.

Ideal for daycare and sport classes.

With 14 shoe labels, you can quickly label 7 pairs of shoes and be sure that they will always find their way home again. The shape of the logo is designed to perfectly fit in your children's shoes.

Also super useful for older kids when similar shoes are worn at sport practices or during camps.

Dimensions: 38x40mm

1. Make sure that the inside of the shoes are clean and dry. 2. Place the shoe on a stable surface to be sure that the label will be place at best. 3. Loosen the laces and, if needed and possible, roll up the sides of the shoe to have better access to the bottom of the shoe. 4. Place preferably the sticker in the heel of the shoes. Make sure that the sticker is placed correctly without any bubbles that could reduce the comfort of your kids’ feet. If needed use your thumb to push the bubble on the sides of the sticker.

7 pairs of shoe labels

These personalised labels are perfect for shoes or any other item as well!
Thanks to their great shape, our shoe name labels fit easily inside shoes and on shoe soles. These resistant name stickers help to keep your kid's shoes from being lost or getting mixed up! Stick them on trainers, rain boots, sandals, baby shoes or any other belongings. They are as resistant as all of our name labels and will withstand hours of romping, but are soft to your child’s feet at the same time. The shoe stickers do not come off by themselves, but can easily be removed at any time.
Personalise your shoe labels with 3 lines of text, your favourite color and font and choose one of many adorable icons. Dimensions: 38x40mm

Our name stickers are 100% personalisable.
Choose from a wide range of vibrant colours, cute images
and font types to match your and your child's personal taste and style. Be creative!

StickerKid waterproof name tags are perfect to label toys,
lunch boxes, drinking bottles, sport gear, school equipment
and anything that is supposed to find its way home again.
Once applied, our name stickers will last for many years and are resistant to water, sun, sand, heat and cold without
losing their colour.

To ensure the highest quality, all our name labels are
, produced with utmost care and German precision. Using the best materials allows us to provide
you a quality and satisfaction guarantee.

We will process your order extremely fast so that your personalised labels are shipped within 24 hours by the
Swiss Post.

Find pictures of our shoe name labels here

14  labels

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